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Developing Social Presence:

     Teaching Relationally and Creating Community in the Hybrid/Bimodal Classroom

Rachel Hammond, Cornerstone University

Engagement and Accountability Strategies in a Hybrid Environment

Emily Kildow, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Jennifer Lemke, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Implementing Flipped Learning Online to Promote Integrated Learning During COVID-19

Jessica Peacock, Merrimack College

Comparisons of Impacts of Integrating Service-learning in a Landscape Design/Build Course Using a Hybrid and Full Online Formats

Julieta Trevino Sherk, North Carolina State University

Dallas Bretzman, North Carolina State University

Lee Ivy, North Carolina State University

Preparing Faculty for Blended Course Assessment

Heidi Watson-Held, Pennsylvania State University                               

Stephanie Edel-Malizia, Pennsylvania State University

Engaging Students in a Large-enrollment Course During COVID-19 Pandemic

Lin Zhu, IUPUI

Tamiko Porter, IUPUI

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