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Developing Student Interpersonal Skills and Competencies:

     Employer Perspectives

Silvia Bartolic, University of British Columbia

Hailey Craig, University of British Columbia

Lisa Chang, University of British Columbia

Leveraging Industry-University Collaborations in the Development of Academic Programs​

Ken Chadwick, Nicholls State University

Luke Cashen, Nicholls State University    

Online Focus Groups for Program Planning, Evaluation, Research (and Pandemics)

Diane Chapman, North Carolina State University

Learning from Students’ Feedback from Seismic-shift Spring:

     Barriers and Successes

Laura Edwards, Taylor University             

Kendra Joy Thomas, University of Indianapolis  

Kim Case, Taylor University       

First-year Seminar Reimagined:

Integrating Liberal Arts and Artificial Intelligence

Ruthie Halma, Truman State University

Collaborative Content Design:

     An Ideal Vision for Course Creation

Megan Kohler, The Pennsylvania State University

Penny Ralston-Berg, The Pennsylvania State University

Moving Curriculum Beyond the Degree:

     Telepractice Digital Badge for Designing an Accessible Online Course Development

Denise A. Ludwig, Grand Valley State University

Beth Macauley, Grand Valley State University

Courtney Karasinski, Grand Valley State University

Virtual Reality:

     A Pedagogical Approach to Online Student Engagement

 Ronda Mariani,  Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

 Thomas Tanner, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Launching TLC Partnerships Through two Large Enrollment STEM Courses

Kathleen Marrs, IUPUI

Lin Zhu, IUPUI

Implementation of Course-Level Gamification of Undergraduate Courses

Nathan Silva, Nevada State College 

Sierra Adare-Tasiwoopa Api, Nevada State College

Forging a Sustainability Culture:

Integrating Sustainability Across the Curriculum

 Jeffrey Stone, Pennsylvania State University

 Maung Min, Pennsylvania State University

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