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What is the main page for the conference?

Within the online conference webpages, you will find a virtual Welcome Center. Here, we have housed information typically distributed during the registration check-in with links to the following:


    • The Conference Schedule

    • Live Sessions

    • Recorded Sessions and Discussion Boards

    • Daily Highlights

    • FAQ

    • The Conference Program

    • Raffles: Book Giveaway, Faculty Development Tools, Lilly Swag!

    • Exhibitor Hall

    • A Directory of Participants

    • Office Hours to Chat with the Lilly Team

    • Networking Opportunities

    • And the Lilly Lounge: A space for self-care, reflection, and a little conference fun.


What are Member Profiles?

Member Profiles replace name tags for the online conference. Attendees will be site members and given the opportunity to upload an image or avatar and select the user name to appear. Badges will be linked to profiles, and will identify presenters, ambassadors, discussion board contributors, etc.


What are Digital Badges and how do I get one?

In addition to the conference profile badges, we are excited to offer participants digital badges to use on LinkedIn and social media profiles. Your digital badge will identify you as a Lilly Conference participant or presenter and you will be able to download it for use if you wish. You can download your badge here.


How can I talk to someone on the Lilly Conference team?

30 Minutes prior to synchronous presentations and during the networking sessions, ITLC Lilly staff will be online. We invite you to login and join the conversations. The networking sessions are designed for just that, networking. We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to network with your fellow conference participants. These sessions are fully interactive and do not have agendas. You may also use the chat feature to reach out, email us or call us during the hours of the conference.


How long will I be able to access conference material?

Conference sessions will be recorded and available through August 31, 2020. The discussion board will be open through June 15.

Will I be able to download presentations to view offline?

Conference sessions are only available to stream, not to download, therefore you will require an internet connection throughout the conference.

When will the winners for the raffles be drawn and how do I know if I won?

Raffles close at 5pm ET on Saturday, December 5, 2020. Winners will be posted on the Welcome Center page on Monday, December 7th and will be mailed their prizes.

Where I can read a full session abstract?

The conference program has a listing of all sessions, listed alphabetically by presenter, and including full session abstracts.

I missed a synchronous session. Will I still be able to watch it?

Absolutely! All synchronous sessions are recorded, so you will not only have access to the presentation, but to the Q&A as well.


Where can I advertise my product, service or conference?

We love sharing resources with educators! Our exhibitor wall of sponsors is a great example of this. Reach out to Melanie Collins, our Director of Programming & Advancement to discuss our advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

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