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Training Mental Health Clinicians Through Effective Practicum Teaching Strategies

Sinem Akay-Sullivan, Sam Houston State University

Friends, Students, Classmates, Lend me Your Peers:

     TBL Peer Evaluations!

Marie Allsopp, Purdue University

8 Ways to Promote Active Learning in Synchronous Online Classrooms

Lisa Bergson, Bridgewater State University

Reacting to the Past:

     Effects on Student Learning and Engagement

Robert Bledsoe, Augusta University

Kailea Manning, Augusta University

Deborah Richardson, Augusta University

Cultivating Resilience in the Classroom Utilizing Gratitude and Reflective Writing

JoAnne Bullard, Rowan University

Web-based Team Teaching in Troubling Times:

     C’mon and Zoom!

Sean Camp, Utah State University

Susan Egbert, Utah State University

Encouraging Intrinsic Motivation with Classroom Currency

Robert Chatt, Westfield State University

Designing Text Sets for Enhanced Content Knowledge & Empathic Response

Greta Freeman, University of South Carolina Upstate

Brooke Hardin, University South Carolina Upstate


Beyond the Margins:

     Annotation and Re-Analysis of a Microbiome Study

Carlos C. Goller, North Carolina State University

Implementing Case-By-Collaboration Model to Enhance Critical Thinking Skills

Nicholas Grahovec, Northern Illinois University

Tyler Wood, Northern Illinois University

Using Course Preparation Assignments to Improve Student Reading and Engagement

Amanda Green, Eastern Kentucky University

Making Use of the Margins:

     Supporting Close Reading Skills with

Meg Gregory, Webster University Washington University in St. Louis

Using One-Mode Networks:

     A Demonstration on Classroom Management

Eric Hogan, Georgia Southern University

Experiential Learning in the Time of COVID

Laura Hunt Trull, James Madison University

What’s in Your Toolbox?

Low-Intensity Instructional Strategies that Support High Student Engagement and Active Participation

Christine Kenney, University of Michigan, Flint

Melis Sreckovic, University of Michigan, Flint

Eric A. Common, University of Michigan, Flint

Lessons when Students Choose from a Diverse Pool of Scientists for an Assignment

Erica Kosal, North Carolina State University

Extensive Use of Guest Lecturers for Enhanced Learner Engagement

Iske Larkin, College of Veterinary Medicine/ University of Florida

Danielle Collins, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Florida

Heather Maness, University of Florida

Promoting Team-Based Learning Using Virtual Interprofessional Collaboration and Pedagogy

Denise Ludwig, Grand Valley State University

Janna Pacey, Grand Valley State University

Srihimaja Nandamudi, Grand Valley State University

Kelly Machnik, Grand Valley State University

Students Create Educational Products to Enhance Climate Change Literacy

Megan Lupek, North Carolina State University

Service-Learning at Your Seat:

     Maximizing Community Engagement while Minimizing Student Stress

Mary Marshall, California State University Long Beach

Skin and Gene – A Metacognitive Model to Combine Knowledge and Awareness

Soma Mukhopadhyay, Augusta University 

Low-Stakes Creative Thinking Activities in Support of High-Stakes Writing Assignments

Christin Phelps, North Carolina State University

Jamie Larsen, North Carolina State University

Melanie Graham, North Carolina State University

Improving Communication Skills in Healthcare Provider Education

Martina Reinhold, Grand Valley State University

Allison Metz, Grand Valley State University

Sherri Fannon, Grand Valley State University

Molly Paulson, Grand Valley State University

Paul Christensen, Grand Valley State University

Strategies for Engaging Students in Real-time Remote Learning Sessions

Carolyn Samuel, McGill University

Angela Guadagno, McGill University

Mariela Tovar, McGill University

Supporting Self-Regulated Learning:

     Teaching Effective Learning Strategies

Brian C. Smith, JD PhD

Sal Meyers, Simpson College

The NeXt Classroom:

     Active Teaching Strategies

Rebecca Toothaker, Bloomsburg University

Pamela Cook, Bloomsburg University

Embracing Storytelling as a High Impact Educational Practice

Corrie Whitmore, University of Alaska, Anchorage

Leveraging Curiosity, Sociality, and Authenticity to Create Impactful, Student-Led Discussion

Ian Wolf, Fayetteville Technical Community College

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