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Creating Virtual Engagement Using Padlet in the Time of COVID-19

Martha Brown, North Carolina State University

Kimberly Bush, North Carolina State University

A Method for Getting Real-Time Feedback During Synchronous On-line Teaching

Julie Campbell, Illinois State University

Three Simple Tools/Strategies for Promoting Collaboration in Online Learning

Romena Holbert, Wright State University

Enhancing the Teaching of Science Communication Skills Using FlipGrid

Ami Johanson, Aurora University


Technology, Teaching, and Transformation:

     A Critical Analysis of Student Engagement Using Nearpod

Daniel Mallinson, Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg

Laura Cruz, Schreyer Institute of Teaching Excellence

William Illingworth, Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg

Faculties' and Students' Perspectives:

     Open Educational Resource/Inclusive Assess Resources

Molly Marnella, Bloomsburg University

Cherie Roberts, Bloomsburg University

Use of a Free Web-Based Analytics Software in an Online Data Management for Business Course

Scott Mehall, Bloomsburg University

Edward Keller, Bloomsburg University

Now Is the Time to Embrace Mobile Learning

Christina Moore, Oakland University

FlipGrid and Padlet Facilitate Equitable Innovative Teaching in COVID-19

María Ortiz, University of Cincinnati - UC Blue Ash College

Annette Redmon, University of Cincinnati - UC Blue Ash College

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