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Proposal Submissions

Preparing Your Online Proposal Submission:


Evidence-Based Teaching & Learning

Please note that at ITLC Lilly Conferences we promote evidence-based teaching and learning.  Not all presentations are based on original research or SoTL projects, but all are supported by a strong pedagogical foundation.


Concurrent Presentation Formats

This conference includes asynchronous prerecorded sessions that are comprised of

30 - 40 minutes of recording content (allowing time for reflection questions),

15 - 20 minutes of recorded content (allowing time for reflection questions), or

30 minutes of facilitated conversation recorded as live discussion.  

Moderated discussion boards will be open for 2 weeks following the conference.

All proposals undergo a blind peer-review process for selection.

  • Concurrent presentations are pre-recorded and it is anticipated that presenters will include reflection questions for the viewers.

  • Round-Table Discussions are 30 minutes in length, in which time a specific presentation is given in discussion format.


  • Poster Presentations are created digitally by the author and featured in a virtual gallery along with a brief audio file describing the work.



Preparing materials for proposal submission:

ITLC Lilly conference makes a distinction between presenters and authors.  Presenters who register for the conference and present the session are listed in conference materials; authorship is credited by the presenter within the session.


Proposals consist of the following:

Title (10-word limit)

100-word abstract

3 learner-centered objectives

3 keyword search descriptors


Additionally, you may expand your proposal to include a 500-word description.  This space allows you to provide more detail as a narrative or a timeline to outline how you will deliver the content in the requested timeframe.


​You will be asked to provide a primary reference from which your presentation is supported (it is not anticipated that this reference is something authored by you). As well as a list of up to 4 additional references.

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