2020 Has Been a Tough Year. What's Your Best Relaxation Technique?

What Your Colleagues are Saying:

Meditate, taking long walks, listening to music, play with toddler, cooking, reading.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! I love decorating and redecorating my campsite, camper, and cabin. It's a peaceful world, filled with friendly animals, where everything is always under control. And my cat Webster plays the game with me! He loves using my iPad, and you may see him during a breakout. He finds a way to attend most webinars!

Long walks with my two best friends.

I am on 208 days in a row of free online yoga!! Yoga with Adrienne for the win!

Yoga before bed!

Coloring Books.

Really dumb movies with lots of explosions and a worthless plot.

The most relaxing song in the world (empirically tested):

a hot cup of tea and a good book!

Walking outside



yoga and exercise

Daily Wellness on Spotify for am and pm meditations/gratitudes

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