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Culture Survey to Assess LatinX Inclusion in STEM Fields at a HSI

Kevin Alicea-Torres, University of Puerto Rico at Humacao

Josee Vedrine-Pauleus, University of Puerto Rico at Humacao

Ayesha S. Boyce, University of North Carolina Greensboro

Lilliam Casillas-Martinez, University of Puerto Rico at Humacao


Exploring Students’ Perceptions of Learning Partnerships Within a Diversity Course

Adam Barragato, University of Michigan

Natasha Watkins, Purdue University


Caught! Incorporating Universal Design in Course Syllabi to Enhance Engagement

Jennifer Bautel Williams, East Carolina University

Laura Howell King, East Carolina University

Teaching and Learning During COVID-19

Benjamin Becerra, California State University San Bernardino

Paulchris Okpala, California State University San Bernardino

Monideepa Becerra, California State University San Bernardino

Tips for Designing an Accessible Online Course

Sheryl Burgstahler, University of Washington


Strengthening Student Learning by Leveraging University and Community Resources

Leslie Cizmas, Texas A&M University


CRT in Teacher Preparation:

     We Already Know What to Do

Ingrid Everett, Bloomsburg University

Teaching for Inspiration:

     Approaches to Engaging Transfer Students in Gateway Courses

Stephanie Foote, John N. Gardner, Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

Equitable Course Design During COVID-19:

Participation Versus Access

Aaorn Gierhart, Columbu State University


Beyond Diversity:

     Centering Social Justice Education in the Online Classroom

Maru Gonzalez, North Carolina State University

Sharon Chung, North Carolina State University

BUILDing Biology Education:

     Incorporating 3D Models to Facilitate Constructivist Active Learning

Claire L. Gordy, North Carolina State University

Melissa V. Ramirez, North Carolina State University

What about Joe?:

     A Case Study of FYE Student Success

Eileen Grodziak, Pennsylvania State University, Lehigh Valley Campus

Laura Cruz, Pennsylvania State University

Equitable Course Design During COVID-19:

     Participation Versus Access

Aaron Gierhart, Columbus State University

Constructing Inclusive Learning Environments

Paige Haber-Curran, Texas State University

Shannon Dean-Scott, Texas State University

Inclusive Excellence Programming at a Military Service Academy:

     Improving Practice

Kim Hosler, United States Air Force Academy

Marc Napolitano, United States Air Force Academy

Piloting Cross-Institutional Collaboration Between an HBU and a PWI

Martine Mathieu, North Carolina State University

Matilda Odera, North Carolina State University

Andrea Ofori-Boadu, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

Jennifer Richmond-Bryant, North Carolina State University

Videocase Analysis for Preservice Teachers’ Growth as Culturally Responsive Teachers

Mina Min, Appalachian State University

Ashley Whitehead, Appalachian State University

Teaching Diversity to Counter Racial Bias and Promote a Positive Classroom Culture

Iglika Pavlova, University of North Carolina Greensboro

Through the Social Justice Lens:

     Cases from Language and Literatures

Amanda Petersen, University of San Diego

Iván Eusebio Aguirre Danancou, University of California, Riverside

Brian Gollnick, University of Iowa

Christine Baker, Temple University

Carolyn Wolfenzon Niego, Bowdoin University

Lauren Reynolds, University of North Alabama

Stimulate Interest and Motivate Learning Through Multiple Means of Engagement

Karen Pezzolla, Bloomfield College

Using Metaphor as a Pedagogical Tool, the Rubik’s Cube and Understanding Cultural Diversity

Jacqueline E. Romano, California State University, San Bernardino

Designing Inclusive Online Learning Environments for Minoritized Students

Melissa L. Salazar, CEO ESCALA Educational Services Inc

Alena Yastchenko, Central Washington University

Flor Madero, Angel State University

Increasing Marginalized Student Success Through the Frederick Douglass Institute

Shavonne Shorter, Bloomsburg University

Robert J. Green, Bloomsburg University

Carolyn Reid-Brown, Bloomsburg University

Erin Brummett, Bloomsburg University

Land Acknowledgements:

     Making them Meaningful and Appropriate

Corrie Whitmore, University of Alaska, Anchorage

A Review of Online Case Study Modules Seeking Equity:

     Racism as a Social Determinant of Health

Christina Yongue, University of North Carolina Greensboro

Crystal Dixon, University of North Carolina Greensboro

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